Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

In and around the fun times this week, there were a bunch of rough patches. That's kinda how things are lately: Life with a fun-loving toddler sprinkled with occasional moments of "losing it." But there always seems to be someone there at just the right time to say just the right thing--nothing big or earth shattering...but just enough.

Things are serious enough around here so we planned an especially light-hearted Easter for our little family. Chelsea and I hid daddy's Easter basket, and while he was looking for it he said "I wonder where it is..." to which Chelsea immediate responded 6 or 7 times "It's in the dryer." All the while I'm covering her mouth saying "don't tell daddy, let him find it!" That was a little anti-climatic, but totally fun.

Then daddy hid Chelsea's basket and mommy's basket. She and I had fun hunting all over for them. She looked on her little art table and didn't see it, but thought it might be under all her papers, so in the middle of the search she decided she needed to clean up all her crayons and papers. "I clean my crayons, find my basket!" That kid cracks me up. She found the basket in her bedroom on the bookshelf. Mine was in the office garbage can, under the liner. Sneaky daddy!

We dumped out all the candy and Chelsea went to town--so content and so pleased that we were all sitting round the dinner table munching on candy together. Later we did an egg hunt out back. She did really well and found most of the eggs with little, if any, help. She would get so excited to find one she'd start jumping and all the eggs already in her basket would coming spilling out. "Oh no! It's otay, I pick up!" The other day she heard me say "oh my gosh" and she picked it up, sort of. Halfway through her hunt she got so excited she kept exclaiming "Holy Gosh! Holy Gosh!" Again, this kid cracks me up!

The weather was beautiful, so we went on a short walk and tricycle ride. She got to visit with her uncle Josh who lives upstairs from us. Then we ate a yummy dinner and afterward we watched the sugar-high whirlwind of a two-year old tear around the living room. And just to throw a whole new level of craziness in, I chopped Chelsea's hair tonight. I couldn't stand it after doing it for church and watching it wisp around all day. We used daddy's clippers, the biggest attachment, then trimmed it up with scissors. It's pixie short and she loves it! The whole time she kept saying "Bye-bye baby hair. I get hair-tut." After we were done she looked in the mirror and exclaimed "It's MY hair now! Not baby hair. And NOT in my eyes!" It already looks so much thicker to me and I'm hoping it grows in super full and healthy--no more of this wispy fine stuff of all different lengths!

All in all it's been a wonderful day. We're so blessed to be able to share so much fun and sweetness with our little girl. We love her to pieces!

Happy Easter, everyone. Hopefully your celebrations were just as glorious.

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