Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gender Guessing Pool

As you know, we are expecting our second child in about 4 weeks.  Since we didn't learn the baby's gender, we invite you all to join our fun guessing game...

To play, just answer the questions below
1.  Gender
2.  Birth Date
3.  Birth Weight

To win, you MUST guess the correct gender, then be closest on the Birth Date.  The Birth Weight will help determine any necessary tie breaker between possible winners.

Any guess will be considered valid as long as it is entered BEFORE the onset of labor.  Yes, the onset of labor marks the END of the guessing opportunity, so don't delay--post your guess today!


  1. Good luck with everything. What an exciting, yet hard time for you! I hope things go well.

  2. You're having your first child? What happened to C? Also, can we submit more then one guess?

    1. Ooops... This is our second child. I copied and pasted the text from our last vote. I fixed it. Thanks for noticing.

      You can submit one vote per person, and if you want to change your vote you can just re-submit and we'll just use the most recent vote for the winning lottery.